Skopje Dance Theater has produced more than 70 productions (11 full time evening and 61 short choreography) in the last 10 years. Some of Risimkin’s productions for the company are: “A World in Between (Pretty women)”; (2021), “Identities – History of an extended dream” (2020); “Identities” (2019)”, “Anima” (2018)”;  “Existence” (2017); ,, Cauldron” (2017);  “SMS (Soul, Mind & something else…)“ (2015);  “Orlando” (2012); “Ludus” (2014)”; “In the field of Haven” (2013); “The World In-Between” (2011). The company also produces works by other guest choreographers such as “Man in the corridor” by Nada Kokotovik; “HOT”, “Search”, “Ex-urgency”; “The Silence of the Been” by Joan Van Der Mast  Netherlands; “Psychotic Wind”, “Oracle”, “Duet of crystal” by Katsura Kan, Japan; „Bach & me“ by Janis Brenar, NY, USA; “Present Future” by Tim Persent; Netherlands ; “Cuaroscuro” by Antonelo Tudisco, Italy; “The Road” by Anton Rudakov, Germany; “Flesh & Bone” by Simon Kuban, Czech Republic; “The Tragedy of the Tiger Beetle” by Yotam Peled, Israel, etc.

Skopje Dance Theater promotes the work of young choreographers as Matea Kiselichka’s   “Warm up the cold”, “Piece of me”, “Created Beings”, “Find someone”, “The same source” and “The Freaks”; Adrijana Danchevska’s  “Don’t touch my eyes”, “Home”, “Alive somewhere else”, “Wrong”, “D.O.L.” and “Sketch”; Dejan Bitrovski’s “Devil Hall”, “God Speed”, “Me & We” and “Lucid Joss”; “17 degree” & “Ambivalence” by Valentino Apostolovski, “One”, “Symbol” & “Unknown” by Aleksandra Petrusevska, “Azbook’a” by Jakub Munko, “Whoever it is….” by  Andrijana Andreeva, “22 dergree” by Dora Kokolj and others..

Skopje Dance Theater production “Identitties – History of an extended dream” by Risima Risimkin was invited and perform in Theatre National de la Danse Chaillot in Paris, France in March 2022. Till know the company has had guest tours in Solo Dance Festival, Ankara, Turkey (2020), Holland Dance Festival, Hague, Netherlands (2018); Battery Dance Festival, New York, USA (2018), International Dance Festival, Beijing, China (2018); Maritime Silk Road Festival, Quanzhou, China (2017); Share festival in Bratislava, Slovakia (2017 & 2019); “Open stage” in The Hague and Rotterdam, Netherlands (2015); Meet in Beijing festival, Beijing, China (2015); ITS festival in Amsterdam, Netherlands (2013); Tanzmesse in Dusseldorf and Culturbunker in Koln, Germany (2012); Festival for contemporary Dance and nonverbal theater, St. Vincent, Croatia, (2011) and regularly guest performances in other cities in Macedonia.