Mission and Vision

In 2022, the Skopje Dance Theater made a historic guest appearance with the pеrformance “Identities – History of an extended dream” by Risima Risimkin, on one of the most prestigious world stages, the National Contemporary Dance Theater “Chaillot” in Paris, France. The French critic titled the performance as “a brilliant performance by an avant-garde choreographer (Risima Risimkin). All performances of the play were followed by standing ovations.

Skopje Dance Theater was founded and led by one of the most popular and most prolific contemporary Macedonian choreographers Risima Risimkin, as the first professional contemporary dance company in N. Macedonia. From the very beginning, the company develops an aesthetic that is modern, fresh and seeks new challenges, developing its own philosophy, based on research and new experimental expressions. The Skopje Dance Theater produces several premieres a year and performs in Macedonia, Europe, USA and China.

The company has a strong connection with the first university level academy for contemporary dance in the whole region, also founded by Risima Risimkin – Skopje/Shtip Dance Academy, whose educational program was developed in partnership with the prestigious Rotterdam Dance Academy from CODARTS University, Netherland. This educational program is now part of State University “Goce Delchev”.