12.04.2023 | Dallas Black Dance Theatre

DANCE FEST 2023 – 19th edition

12.04.2023 | 20:00 | Macedonian National Theatre

Founded in 1976 by Ann Williams, Dallas Black Dance Theatre’s mission is to create and produce contemporary modern dance at the highest level of artistic excellence through performances and educational programs that bridge cultures and reach diverse communities. As the largest and oldest continuously operating professional dance company in Dallas, DBDT is the fourth-largest Black dance company in the nation, the ninth-largest contemporary modern dance company, and ranked 40th among the nation’s leading ballet companies.

Under the direction of the Artistic Director, Melissa M. Young, the contemporary company consists of 13 professional, full-time dancers performing a mixed repertory of modern, ballet, jazz, and ethnic works by nationally and internationally known choreographers.

Located in the thriving downtown Dallas Arts District, DBDT has performed worldwide for over 4.5 million arts patrons and 2.7 million students in 31 states and 16 countries on five continents. The performances include two Olympics (1996 & 2012), the nation’s most prestigious venues (Lincoln Center, Kennedy Center, Broadway, Jacob’s Pillow), and for such luminaries as Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and South African President Nelson Mandela. Since the pandemic began in 2020, DBDT performances have also been viewed virtually in over 30 countries. The Company has been recognized by the National Endowment for the Arts as an American Masterpiece Touring Artist (2008) and received the Texas Medal of the Arts Award for Arts Education (2017).

For more details about Dallas Black Dance Theatre visit www.DBDT.com.

This engagement is supported in part by Mid Atlantic Arts through USArtists International, a program in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and the Trust for Mutual Understanding.

Shatter ​​​

Choreographer:​​​ Gregory Dolbashian in Collaboration with the dancers of DBDT
​​​​(World Premiere 2023)
Music: ​​​​“MOD” by Martin Kohlstedt;
​​​​“Familiar” (feat. Canea Quartett) by ABBOTT
Costumes:​​ ​Eugenia Stallings
Lighting Design:​ ​​Jonathan Tyler
Dancers: ​​​Hana Delong, Daniel Palladino, Terrell Rogers, Jr. and Isabel Wallace-Green

Baile del Corazón
Baile del corazón translates to heart dance.

Choreographer:​​​My’Kal Stromile
(World Premiere 2022)
Music: ​​​​“Première suite: Prélude” and “Première suite: Allemande légèré” ​​​​by Jordi Savall, Ton Koopman, Ariane Maurette
Costumes: ​​​Eugenia Stallings
Original Lighting Design: ​Pavel Perebillo
Dancer: ​​​Jessica Popoff

“This work is created in celebration of our resilience. We’ve been through a lot, but we still take flight. We celebrate the ground we stand on and each second we’re here. Like Water, we can’t survive without love, compassion, and human connection.” —Darrell Grand Moultrie

Choreographer: ​​​Darrell Grand Moultrie
​​​​(World Premiere at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival on August 4, 2021)
Music:​​​​ Rodrigo Y Gabriela and Petr Aleksander
Costume Design:​​ Eugenia Stallings
Original Lighting:​​ Pavel Perebillo and Minh Nguyen

Movement I: ​Carmen Cage, Hana Delong, Sierra Noelle Jones, Elijah W. Lancaster, Derick McKoy, Jr., Bianca Melidor, Daniel Palladino, Jessica Popoff, Terrell Rogers, Jr., Sean J. Smith, De’Anthony Vaughan, Isabel Wallace-Green, and McKinley Willis
Movement II:​​​ The Company
Movement III:​​​ The Company

LIKE WATER was commissioned by Jacob’s Pillow as the inaugural recipient of the Joan B. Hunter New Work Commission

-20 Minute Intermission-

Road to One
The expression of love and support is needed now more than ever. May we all find the courage to love each other outwardly. Walk Tall and Together.

Choreographer: ​Darrell Grand Moultrie
(World Premiere 2017, DBDT Premiere 2022)
Music: ​​​​“Etude No. 3” by Monica Ohuchi
Costumes: ​​​Eugenia Stallings
Original Lighting Design:​ Pavel Perebillo
Dancers:​​​ Elijah W. Lancaster, Terrell Rogers, Jr., and De’Anthony Vaughan


Execution of a Sentiment
Execution through excellence, focus, dedication, and the transformative power of Dance.

Choreographer: ​​Darrell Grand Moultrie (World Premiere 2019)
Music: ​​​​Ezio Bosso
Costume Design: ​​Darrell Grand Moultrie
Costume Construction:​​ Eugenia Stallings
Lighting Design: ​​Pavel Perebillo
Lighting Recreation:​​ Lisa Miller
Dancers: ​Carmen Cage, Hana Delong, Sierra Noelle Jones, Elijah W. Lancaster, Derick McKoy, Jr. Bianca Melidor, Daniel Palladino, Jessica Popoff, Terrell Rogers, Jr., Sean J. Smith, De’Anthony Vaughan, Isabel Wallace-Green, and McKinley Willis

Dance Fest Skopje is supported by the Ministry of Culture, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Skopje, the US Embassy in Skopje, UGD, Vitalia and Bovin ✨